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There's no such thing as a perfect parent.


We have specially trained counselors who can offer guidance, support and practical solutions. Our counselors can help you increase your bond with your little ones, learn to understand and meet their needs, and manage their behaviors in a positive, loving way.


We work with our clients to create a plan to achieve realistic goals and overall emotional well-being.


We see clients with a range of issues; depression, anxiety, trauma, gender identity, anger management, sexual orientation, grief, work problems and many more.


Parents often have trouble understanding why their child is acting out. Is your child getting in trouble at school or daycare? Do you feel like a referee or warden in your home? School aged children often have difficulty understanding and articulating their feelings. At ACCS, we use fun, interactive techniques based in research to help your child overcome emotional challenges and become a happier, more well-balanced child.


Our clinicians have experience assisting couples who are facing difficulties such as infidelity, jealousy, communication issues, domestic violence or intimacy issues.


We welcome couples of any gender or orientation and have qualified clinicians to support you.


Adolescence is a tough time and many teens are dealing with pressure from school, peers & parents.


We work with teens also struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cutting/self-harm, gender or sexual orientation issues, social skills, aggression and more.


​Autism support, resources, and testing. We have Clinicians trained and certified to help your unique family and situation.

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